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I personally think you can never stop learning in this hair industry and the day you lose that motivation is the day you need to stop. I love making clients feel great about themselves not just in front of the mirror, but making sure they enjoy the experience from the time they walk into the salon to the moment they leave is equally important. This motivates me ” Says Jenny when asked about what motivates her to be an amazing hairdresser. And I completely agree to that statement.

It has been a while since I’ve done a personal blog on a hairdresser. Feeling inspired by a hairdresser is very important to me. This was such an easy and fun chat with Jenny. I loved her style of work and how relaxed yet confident she is. (you could watch it all on the video below). I could be easy and difficult at the same time when I go in as a client. I can have a lot of opinion and have a lot of questions asked to the hairdresser working on my hair. This is because I have had some good and bad happening with my hair lately.

Jenny hails from London and moved to Dubai over a year ago chasing her dreams and wanting to create good hair in the region. As she consults with me she realises that my hair seems a little dull and shine less. She talks about the instant treatment by Kerastase which is ideal for those who require a quick fix. She put me through a fusio dose treatment by Kerastase (I have done a separate blog on this and you can check it out here ) I had a honest chat with Jenny while she was working on my hair and this is what she had to say :

  •  How many years have you been a hairdresser and worked in the industry ?
I have been in the hairdressing industry for nearly 20 years (but still feeling 21 ha) even more if I count my Saturday job in a salon, ever since I can remember I couldn’t wait to start work in a salon.
  •  Can you tell me a little about you journey as a hairdresser ?
I trained with a company in the U.K. which had a number of salons in the southeast of London. Joining this company was very exciting for me as it was a very well known and established company, after a lengthy interview process at the age of 16, I received the awaited phone call with a placement to be a trainee which involved salon training and to attend the companies own training Academy. It was as if I had won the lottery I could not wait start!
I stayed with the company for 12 years climbing the ladder to become an Artistic coordinator and in salon trainer. I entered many competitions and award ceremonies.
From then my life changed, I married my wonderful husband and we had our daughter, which led for me to start my own business being a freelance stylist focusing on weddings and events this is where I really could be creative and led me to work back stage at a huge festival in London styling the stars for the stage. I did this three years running and to this day the most fun I’ve ever worked !
  •  What made you move to Dubai ?
An opportunity for me and family to move Dubai happened and we grabbed with both hands. This has led me to work for Hairworks where I have now been for just over a year.
  •  Where does your inspiration come from ?
I do get a lot of my inspiration from celebrities mainly through social media with latest fashions and trends, for me the one of biggest things that influence me is the seasons throughout the year from beach waves in the summer to the new copper tones as autumn starts.  I love making clients feel special about themselves. 
  • How do you feel working in Dubai ?
Working in Dubai definitely brings out the glamorous side of hairdressing and perfection is definitely the key here. Also being such a multicultural city has taught me so much regarding different hair types and how to manage them. This again is what I love about working here I’ve learnt so much and will look forward to taking these skills elsewhere in the world someday. I have learnt so much being here Dubai in the hairdressing world, that’s one thing I love about my job it is a forever changing job with new techniques and colors, when I think back to when I started, everyone was still mad on the 80’s perm look! luckily that fashion hasn’t come back around.
  •  What have you done on my hair today ?
 Today on your hair we have done a Fusio Dose Kerastase treatment, shine concentre pixelist with a nutrition booster by Kerastase. I personally love these treatments not only for an instant shine and booster it needs but it also only takes 10 minutes, I find especially in Dubai everyone is chasing their own tail, so for 10 minutes of relaxation a head massage and your hair having a wonderful treatment whats not to like.
We then trimmed your hair not necessarily much shorter but reshaping and texturising to give more movement and to show off the thickness of the hair. Finishing off with a blow dry and irons, again to show off the cut and then adding Kerastase Elixir radiance beautifying oil to nourish and protect the hair leaving it glossy and radiant.
Jenny works at the Ibn Batuta branch of Hair Works as the artistic director and she is definitely your goto person with a quick fix.
Check out on what Jenny did on my hair :


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