I stopped conditioning my hair this season

As you all know, the very basics of hair care regime is shampooing and conditioning. So recently I decided to go short with my hair. If you ask me a reason, well none. I just wanted a different feel to my hair. Thats all. The head, the mind has never felt this lighter and I’ve never felt this good about my hair in a very long time. You might wonder why? Well few reasons behind it mainly being :

  • Wanted to cut off my colored dry bits.
  • Wanted to see how I’d look with a pixie (I’m almost round oval faced).
  • Less maintenance.
  • Can wash the hair daily.
  • Very minimal products required to style the hair.
  • Above all and the mightiest one, it makes you feel younger and happier.

Now, to understand this article and where I am going with it, you might want to know the texture of my real hair. It is basically course, thick and medium dry to oily (Depending on the weather and the product ). Now if you have read most of my blogs, you would know that I always recommend shampoo with a conditioner, for the very basic reason that shampoo opens the cuticle and a conditioner helps to close the cuticle and keep the hair intact.

Since we are still in the winter side of the season and Dubai gives you a lot of chlorine water, I realized my hair was getting a lot of build up when I followed my regular regime of shampooing and conditioning. And so I decided to go by shampooing my hair everyday without conditioner. And the result ?

  • Less build up.
  • More movement and bounce.
  • Less oiliness.
  • Gives room to apply any kind of products for styling.
  • More shine on the hair (since the cuticle is open and clean, the hair shaft reflects light and shine)

But the key to it is using a light moisture based shampoo such that you need not overload your hair using a conditioner. Now let’s say if you happen to have thin hair, using a light weight shampoo or a volumising shampoo is very important. And again this is applicable to people with shorter hair or shoulder length hair and mostly facing the winter dryness. Yes the winter dryness can also cause certain build up on your hair as the cuticle tends to get flaky or leave dry dandruff too. Now if you are very particular about using a conditioner or rather wanting to close the cuticle, you might want to use a leave in conditioner or a serum just on the ends of your hair without touching the scalp after shampoo. Again most of this is applicable if you don’t have very dry colored hair or damaged/over processed hair.

Note : Incase you are having colored damaged dry hair or damaged processed hair, then this article doesn’t apply to you and you would want to stick with your regular regime of shampoo and conditioner.





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