Pixie to bob-Growing out your hair

How the year started and how the year is ending.. Haa !

Would it be wrong to say that too much time at home schooling and WFH(work from home) this year has changed us all in ways we haven’t imagined. Truth be told, I hardly find the time and then the will to write a blog. The way this year has been makes me think.

Now when the year started, I was all about going ahead with my PIXIE for some more time and eager to try and experiment various kinds of pixie. I had a whole plan. But then Covid hit and everything changed. Life changed, choices changed, mood changed.

I never thought I would get back to my bob hair again after the pixie as I was so in love with it. But thanks to the year and many restrictions, getting a haircut done at that time was impossible and to keep a well maintained pixie is about regular haircuts and color. And so, I decided to move on with the tougher choice of growing the hair out. Yes it definitely is a tough choice for me as I am a pixie hair woman at heart. It made me feel young and free. But then the grown out hair isn’t too bad either. It makes me feel like my old self which is also a good thing. So for those of you wondering how to grow out a pixie or any short hair, the picture above is the various stages from pixie to bob ( from February to October ) and here are a few steps to follow :

  1. Be Patient. Allow the hair to grow.
  2. Be ready for dull hair days. Do not stress if the hair tends to fall a bit. It is normal.
  3. Get haircuts done less frequently (which is easy considering the year ).
  4. Use silicone free and moisture based shampoos like Redken’s all mega soft or Kevin murphy’s hydrate me (keeps the hair intact).
  5. Alternate between serums and conditioner during the days when required.
  6. Use U bands, rubber bands, bandanas and hats, caps etc for the messy shapeless hair days.
  7. Consume flax seeds and avacado (a routine can certainly increase the hair growth ).
  8. Oiling and hair packs ( aloe , sandal and many more ) can help for some but I am not a huge fan of the process since I already have an oily scalp and less patience.
  9. Get keratin or smoothening / relaxant or even an olaplex done once the hair has grown a certain length and if it is accessible to you. If not then just follow the above which is absolutely fine as well.
  10. Wave your hair with some styling creme and finishing spray for the important Zoom days.

These were most of the methods I used. I honestly had the patience (which I usually don’t ) as I was not ready to let anyone other my hairdresser touch my hair which gave me good time to grow the hair out. So for those of you who would love to grow your hair out after a pixie or bob or any length for that matter, this just might be the right time. Since life is more virtual these days, you may not find it too hard.

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