Fusio Dose Instant treatment at Hairworks

This one is the most exciting blogs I’ve been wanting to do about a salon in Dubai. But it took longer than I expected to get this blog out there. I always wanted to review Hair works salon from the time I knew about them. It is infact one of the first salons I knew off when I first came to Dubai and it is also one of the first high end salons of Dubai started in 1991.

Writing about salons is something I love doing. You get to know their story and how they started and why they are different from the rest. Finding the right salon for yourself is definitely a question which still plenty of women and men living in UAE are in search of.

I had heard about Hairworks from the time I have been in Dubai and also wondered how the salon works . I’ve known for a while how big a chain Hairworks was and how big a team it has. Also that it is one of the oldest high end salons in Dubai. So like always I was curious to know more about the salon.

To brief a little about Hairworks, it was started by 2 sisters in the 90’s when Dubai really needed it. It catered generally to the people living in jumeriah and al wasl. This was one of the high end hair salons in Dubai at that time. As they grew their team grew, their customers grew, their branches grew and then the rest is history.

I dropped by their hair salons to meet Jenny the artistic director of their Ibn Batutua branch. The team gave me a warm welcome and made sure I was well taken care of from the beginning until the end. Jenny, the artistic director of Hairworks Ibn Batuta branch consulted with me and decided to do a Kerastase treatment on my hair with a quick textured bob. I must warn you, I am not a huge kerastase fan as I have my own reasons for it. But I have learnt through blogging that you need to let go of your inhibitions about hair brands. I must say I was quite impressed on how quick the treatment was and it was quite fun getting to know Jenny as well. There is a blog on her as well and you could read it here.

Jenny decided to do a Fuso Dose Kerastase treatment, shine concentre pixelist with a nutrition booster.

Fusio Dose is Concentrated active ingredients freshly fuse to create a customized in-salon treatment for your specific hair needs. Capable of resolving all of your hair concerns, Fusio-Dose Hair Lab fundamentally treats your hair and immediately transforms for lasting results.This is an instant treatment done in salon for those who really need boosters for their hair and have limited time in their hand. This treatment is catered to various types of hair solutions such as density, brilliance/color, smoothness, nourishment and reconstruction etc.

Result: The radiance of the colored hair is enhanced and the fiber is nourished while remaining beautifully lightweight. The hair feels bouncy shiny and soft all at once.

The process goes like this :
1. Wash your hair using keratase shampoo.
2. Apply the fusio dose kerastase treatment  (shine concentrate pixelist with nutrition booster which is mixed together ) on the hair.
3. Rinse the hair after 10 minutes.
Yes thats it. It is one of the fastest treatment done on my hair and I was quite impressed to see the shine and smoothness on my hair for over a 4-5 washes which goes from a week to ten days. Generally instant treatment’s result tends to last only until the next wash. Post the treatment, Jenny reshaped and texturized my hair to give more movement and reduce the weight off the hair. Finishing it off with blow dry and iron.
Result : Shiny smooth glossy radiant hair in an instant and so so so bouncy. I love it when the hair can bounce so easily. The Kerastase elixir radiates the shine in the hair instantly. 
To know more about their salon, services and their branches check out their website here : http://www.hairworksbeauty.com
Check out my day at HAIRWORKS IBN BATUTA :

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