Babel Alchemy’s Grooming Kit for Men

This is for men. So many of you who follows me on social media knows that my husband Mr.JJ sports a beard and tends to appear on my Instagram photos for a few men’s care every once in a while. From the time I knew him, he was always open about trying our various types of bearded looks. Unlike your hair which is generally softer and easier to manage, the beard is mostly dry, rough, itchy and sometimes too thick and not easy to manage. Beard fall like hair fall is quite normal. Now, it is not advisable to use the hair products on the beard as the pH of your beard and hair is entirely different and so is the sensitivity of your scalp and face. And so, applying a hair shampoo on your beard for a long time can lead to more dryness and flakiness due to the above reason. You must understand, Beard kits have been available in the market for quite sometime but only recently has the awareness of beard grooming been a more relevant matter for men.

As a hair blogger I love experimenting with various products and since I can’t grow a beard for obvious reasons, I try most of them on my husband’s beard and hair. I must also add he isn’t easy to please and is one of the best critique I know of. So as he started taking his beard regime seriously we started experimenting with various beard products. Either some of them were extremely oily and or made the beard extremely dry and flaky. Over one such experiment we tried out the Babel Alchemy’s Black Box also known as the Grooming Kit.

Mr.JJ and I have reviewed each product over a period of 3 months with various weather and water conditions and written the below. BLACK BOX consists of 4 items such as below :

  • MINT PISTOL BEARD SHAMPOO : This is a beard shampoo based with peppermint and tea tree oil that gives a relaxing therapeutic and cooling effect with a minty smell. So incase you have a sensitive face or an oily face this helps to calm the irritation caused on the face. The pH helps to balance the oiliness of the face such that there is no flakiness or dryness caused.


Verdict : Leaves the beard feeling extremely soft and minty. Removes the dirt without drying out the beard. 

  • BEARD OIL : There are about 4 types of beard oils. An unscented one and 3 scented ones. The oil is quite concentrated but fast absorbing onto the beard such that it leaves the beard well conditioned and shiny. It is made from the concentrates of various organic oils such that it does not leave any residue.

Verdict : Leaves the beard moistorous and shiny for a whole day without any oily residue. Helps to fight split ends and itchiness too. Our favourite is the orange peel and sandalwood.


  •  BEARD BALM :  Made with 5 types organic butter and sweet tea oil, it is a non greasy balm that helps to protect the beard and reduce the dryness of the beard keeping it both smooth and soft.

 VERDICT : Though it looks buttery, it actually absorbs so well into the beard and leaves no residue making it easy to comb through the curly coarse hair. Another positive result is the longevity of the product. After the application, it lasts easily above 10 hours making the beard look shiny and healthy all the while. It also helps to promote the beard growth.


  • BEARD COMB : This is made out of bamboo and is used to comb the knots of the beard after applying the beard oil or the beard balm. Combing the beard regularly helps to increase the blood flow and also helps to keep the beard in shape. Combing the beard after applying the beard oil also helps to distribute the oil evenly.



After continuously using it for over 3 months, I can assure you that this beard kit gives one of the best results without leaving any residue. We also noticed an enhanced growth rate and a more softer and shinier looking beard. One of the best Grooming Kit available in the market. Highly recommend for those who likes to sport a stuble, stache or a beard. This helps to heal the itchiness, the dryness and irritation that occurs while growing a beard. You could easily order them from their website here

Also check out Jason’s beard after using Babel products below :






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