Goldwell’s Spray Wax For unmanageable hair


I’ve always found it hard to use texture sprays or wax on my hair as it tends to leave my hair sticky and dry. And since I have very stubborn coarse & dark hair, a sea salt spray isn’t a very good option at all times unless you have highlights or coloured hair. Recently, I happened to meet a fabulous hairdresser (her story comes to you soon) and she hooked me up with this product by Goldwell called UNILIMOTOR SPRAY WAX. I was quite excited to try it on. So I read up on the product benefits, tried the product on myself and did my own verdict against the goldwell’s benefits. Here you go.

What Goldwell Says:

  • Easy to use spray wax.
  •  Combines the control of a wax with the simplicity of a spray.
 For creative styling with definition and separation.
  • Extra dry formula.
  • Long lasting.

Mrs.JJ”s Verdict:

  • It’s a spray and wax hence it is easy to apply. No more sticky fingers. YAAY.
  • Free styling it is. For those with unmanageable hair.
  • Creates definition and separation. That is texture and movement in simple words. This is the best part.
  • Extra dry formula. It dries fast on the hair and doesn’t leave any residue. Well it only matters to hairdressers.
  • Long lasting. Lasted more than 12-13 hours.I did check the time.
  • Smells fruity. Could end up with a headache. 
  • Did not let the hair weigh down. Not heavy on the hair like an actual wax.

Recommends :

  • For both men and women. But people with medium to shorter length of the hair or coloured /highlighted hair. Spray it around and then just style it up the way you wish to. 
  • To be used on dry hair or blow dried hair. Post styler.

It’s a new favourite of mine and would definitely add to my hair kit. You could find the product at any Goldwell based hair salons. I took it from Gloss’s Hair Salon at Al Wasl, Jumeirah.

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