SachaJuan Hair Perfume

Tried and tested :

Hair perfumes are one of the best inexpensive luxury that I have started loving. Though I try to shampoo my hair mostly everyday, the fragrance of the shampoo or conditioner don’t last very long. Also considering the fact that I prefer using nature based shampoos that generally could be odourless or with very less fragrance and use styling products post that (various fragrances can break each other). Either way fragrance of any hair product don’t tend to last for very long since our hair is always exposed, we tend to have styling products over it or unwashed hair for a few days.

Honestly, a great smelling hair is all you need sometimes. I recently got my hands on the Hair Perfume by SachaJuan. It is made from the essential oils such as peach, lychee, rose and extracts of keratin and silk oil giving the hair softness and strength . SachaJuan hair perfume gives a lot of shine and protects your hair from UV rays as well (perfect for the UAE living). It gives a fruity yet musky floral note by the end which is easy on people without giving any pungent smell. It’s lasts a whole day which is an 8/10 for me. All you need to do is Spray it onto the the hair post styling. This product can be used on unwashed hair and preferably dry hair.  It absorbs easily onto the hair , is weightless and smooth on the hair.

Note: I got my products from an online beauty store called the BEAUTY SOLUTIONS in the UAE. Check it out here.

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