Revlon’s UNIQ one and my view

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I am sure many of you use serums as an everyday product. Most odd as it sounds I have never been a constant lover of hair serums. Infact I had stopped believing in creme based serums and silicone based products completely due to some bad experiences I had a while back. Most of the creme based serums used to leave my scalp with a heavy residue later on. But quite recently I came across a completely unique product introduced by Revlon. It’s called an UNIQ ONE by Revlon.

I decided to try it for 4-5 weeks to give my honest opinion on it and what it actually does to my hair. On the bottle they have listed out 10 REAL BENEFITS of the product. So I decided to comment on each point. Listed below in black are the benefits on the bottle and the one in green is my view.

1.Repairs the dry and damaged hair. Yes I agree. My hair didn’t feel too dry despite the hot weather.

2.Helps in controlling the frizz and adding shine onto the hair. Yes reduces the frizz but not certain about shine.

3. Helps to protect the hair from heat appliances. Yes I agree. Infact unto 450 degree. 

4.Gives a silky and smooth texture to the hair. Not certain about silky but did give softness to the hair.

5.Protects the COLORED HAIR with UVA & UVB filters. Yes I agree. My color didn’t lighten for a long time which is good.

6. It is easier to brush the hair. Yes, absolutely true.

7. Works as a detangler. Well only to a certain extend.

8.Hairstyles are long lasting. Well not exactly. I still had to use a finishing spray.

9.Adds body to the hair showing Volume. It did to about 30-40 percent.

10.Helps to prevent split ends as well. Well I don’t have much split ends for far. But I’ve always been someone with less split end issues. But lets say it is true to an extend.

How to apply : Spray about 3-4 pumps all around the hair and spread it evenly. Apply it on damp hair/ 60 percent dry hair.

Uniq One goes down right by its name. It is a creme based serum. Completely absorbs into the hair and doesn’t leave residue as well. You don’t exactly need to apply a conditioner or a mask after shampoo as it works as a great leave in conditioner, keeping the hair extremely soft and manageable.It is a great replacement over a liquid based serum. And so I would rate it as 8/10.

Recommended for : I definitely recommend this for those with extremely dry hair and constantly gets colour done or uses hot appliances such as hair dryer / flat iron /curling wand. Could be used everyday.

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