Miracle oil treatment at 7 SHADES BEAUTY SALON

Schwarzkopf has always been a favorite brand of mine from the time I entered the hairdressing world. While I worked the first time as a hairdresser, I only had two brands that was available where I work. And SKP (SCHWARZKOPF FOR SHORT ) became a favourite of mine for various reasons. SKP is more of a treatment based product. And it did what it said and was in itself an everyday treatment for the hair. Some of my old friends would even know how I used to try to talk them out of any brands they used and would ask them to shift to schwarzkopf.

And so recently, I happened to get invited for SKP’S bonacure hair protection treatment organised by 7 shades beauty salon  ( http://www.7shadesbeauty.com/go/ )

I loved how the salon staff treated every client who walked in. The team were well trained with great hospitality and sure to keep a relaxed salon atmosphere. Also many other hair/beauty /nail services are available as well. Located on al wasl road, Dubai. (you could google their address ).

The brand trainer gave me a quick brief on the few benefits of the brand and she told me how they have customised and rebranded Schwarzkopf’s complete treatment range. (I must add I had lost touch with the brand for a while as I have been playing around with many other brands). So she recommended I try out the MIRACLE OIL TREATMENT  (LOVE THE PACKAGING) that is based with ARGAN oil for my hair since it is thick and dry.

BENEFITS mentioned by SCHWARZKOPF are :

  • Silicon free formula that is weightless and penetrates faster.
  • Dries faster on the hair.
  • Precious softness and opulent shine without leaving residue on the hair.
  • Only the right amount of the oil penetrates onto the hair and the rest is washed out.

The method of treatment involved:

  1. Shampoo the hair using MIRACLE OIL SHAMPOO (quite light on the hair).
  2. Spray the MIRACLE OIL MIST onto the wet towel dried hair.
  3. The MIRACLE OIL  GOLD SHIMMER TREATMENT is applied onto the hair and left for 15 min.
  4. Wash it off and blow dry it using MIRACLE OIL FINISHING TREATMENT.

MY VERDICT : Time taken for the overall treatment was 40 minutes which is quite good .The hair felt QUITE SOFT AND SHINY WITH FABULOUS VOLUME. The effect lasted over a week even though I washed my hair through the week. A perfect quick in salon luxurious treatment for the tired and tortured hair. 

RECOMMENDED : For women with thick dry hair, more of asian hair / arab hair since our hair tends to dry out in a horrible manner. For those who prefer quick treatments. Also doing it twice a month can leave your hair naturally happy in a few months.

POST CARE : Miracle oil shampoo, Miracle oil conditioner and Miracle oil shine oil.

Schwarzkopf offers many other treatments for tired/ tortured hair, dry hair, hair loss and many more. So if you wish to get a hair treatment post color services , dryness, hair loss etc then go get your hair treated and grab yourself the post care package as well. Exclusively available at 7 SHADES BEAUTY SALON.

Check out the packaging of the products and result of my hair.






Check out the link of the salon below:



  1. Seenz… wats ur best take for fine hair with real slow growth phase… provided its the UK climate… ????? help meeee plzzzzz!!!???

    1. Hi Anu,
      Good to hear from you.How are you?

      follow the few tips below :
      1.You could always try out the kevin murphy (plumping wash/rinse/body mass ) range or alterna range (caviar family). Try either of the two family and it comes as shampoo,conditioner and leave in.
      2.Also try washing your hair with room temperature water and not very hot or very cold water.
      3.This particular miracle oil treatment by schwarzkopf also helps. Massage the leave-ins onto the scalp and leave it overnight.
      4.Don’t use silicon based shampoos/conditioners/styling product. Go for sulphate free and silicon free.
      5.Try applying avacado based pack or olive oil. You could even add them in your daily consumption of food.
      6.Never panic.
      7.You have the option of going for hair extensions incase the growth rate is less.

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