Razor Cut by Becky Lockey

Meeting hairdressers and writing their stories is something I’ve always been fond of. Like I wrote in one of my previous blogs, the first of all the reasons why I started the blog was to showcase the work/creativity of hairdressers living in UAE.

It has been almost 8 weeks and I needed a quick fix on my hair. So I happened to go to Gloss Salon where the DIRECTOR STYLIST , Becky was going to do my hair. She suggested I go for a razor haircut since my hair seemed to look flat and shapeless. Razor haircut helps to add definition, texture, movement and precision to the hair. Yes they don’t lead to split ends like many think. It also depends on the method and quality of the razor. Since I have thick coarse hair, its important the weight is removed from my hair once in a few weeks to add texture and movement. While Becky was working on my hair I happened to have a chat with her to know her story. Also she is one of the sweetest hairdressers you’d ever meet. I loved how calm she can be while doing the hair. This actually helps you to trust your hairdresser. Know more about her below.

1. Tell me about yourself ? How did you land in Dubai?

At the age of 16 I left school and went straight into a salon and started my hairdressing apprenticeship, Working 4 days on the shop floor and one day at college for 2 years. I did my school in the UK. Throughout my apprenticeship I learnt a lot ,mostly being on the shop floor watching my colleagues with their clients. After my apprentiship I carried on working at the same salon for another 5 years, building my clientele, which lead to a busy stylist. After seven years. I decided to have a break and go traveling. I went to Australia for 10 months, travelling all around visiting 18 different places. Then stopping off at newzeland for two weeks before returning home. I then had my own business for two years working as a mobile hairdresser. I got itchy feet again and wanted to explore another part of the world. So I chose Dubai 🙂 now I’ve been here for a year now, still learning new different hair techniques day be day and i love it.

2.How did you begin hairdressing? 

My aunt and nan were hairdressers, I have a big close family and my aunt has done all our hair. I used to sit and enjoy watching her cut hair. The more I watched, the more I got interested in hairdressing.

3.What have you done on my hair today? 

You have thick hair so I felt I should get your thickness off and add a little texture. Since the hair is dark, many times the texture doesn’t show. So I’ve decided to go for a razor cut. That would add texture, shape and would take off the bulk.

4.Why have you used on my hair ? Why do you recommend ?

I have used DUAL SENSE TRUE COLOR SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER BY GOLDWELL. And styled you hair using UNILIMITOR SPRAY WAX BY GOLDWELL. (Check out my previous blog on hair products to know more about this product)

I love Goldwell products. They have such a wide range to fit to every clients with different hair type including men. Also Goldwell has resurfaced with new formulation that meets every clientele’s hair problems in today’s times. 

6.What is the general issue of your clients?

The general issues I find our clients face in Dubai which affects their hair is the water, sun causing the colour to fade, more quicker than usual. But with the right treatments and post care, it can’t be helped.

6.What is your vision?

Being brought up around hairdressers from a young age inspired me to be a hairdresser. I like to be creative and I feel I can show this through doing hair. I love being a hairdrssser and love what I do. Everyone is different , I like to get to know my clients and to be able to create individual styles to suite each on and keep them happy.

Becky Lockey is a Director Stylist working at Gloss Salon, Dubai. She has been in the industry over the past 10 years and hails from the UK. She moved to Dubai wanting to experience a different culture. The above is her story. To get your hair done by Becky, book your appointment at Gloss Salon Dubai, Al WASL road. 



Watch the video below :


Check out the salon at  :  gloss.global

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