Hey people, Hairdressers don’t come cheap

I write this on behalf of all my hairdresser friends and acquaintances !

This had to come out one way or the other. I love it when people appreciate your work but it is equally daunting when people don’t get it that hairdressing is just an equal profession like any other. It is creative artists trying to make you look good all the time. And no we are not hairdressers by chance. We have spend the time and money to learn it from Brilliant hair schools just like your B-schools or degree college. We have spends years practicing, working, polishing our skills and giving the best to people. Just because we are creative and have talent that doesn’t mean it comes for free and you could utilise our talent.

It’s time people understood that each time you do a hair service from a hairdresser friend, he or she has worked equal or double of what you would be doing at your desk( as they are absorbing your stress too ), trying to make you look phenomenal. And you can’t expect it to be a free service as they are selling their work to you like how you are charging for your professional jobs by the hour. Being creative artist, we have to challenge ourselves everyday trying to find what is new, trying to CREATE ‘THE NEW YOU FOR YOU’.

It is time hairdressers are given their dues and people stop taking free services from them and understand a lot goes into the profession. It’s time people opened their eyes and saw how talented hairdressers actually are and that they don’t come cheap. Infact a hairdresser is a very important ‘GO TO’ person in your life. You can’t do without them. You need them at all your important events of your life, your parties to functions to dates to meetings to weddings to pregnancy to kids etc.

Hairdressers are creatively talented bunch who goes to hair schools( just like you to go to college) and grooms their talent TO GIVE THE BEST to their clients. Stop abusing hairdressers and their talent and understand it is an important PROFESSION just like yours and yes it doesn’t come cheap.

I will continue showcasing the best of the talent in hairdressers living in this city and around and why you need to choose a professional hairdresser in getting your hair done. They are educated in their profession just like you are in yours (all this involves A-listed salon hired professionals as well and not those beauticians who claims to be hairstylists.NO NO NO NO NO NO ).

Stop asking for professional favours from hairdressers if you can’t pay them just like you wouldn’t work if you aren’t payed. Appreciate it, don’t abuse it.

Thank you for reading me !


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