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Isn’t it fascinating seeing a favourite celebrity sporting a new hair color each time we open up a cosmopolitan or an allure. I always look forward to color inspirations from them. Infact we all do. Speaking from my observation and experience, never be afraid to try something new with your hair when you feel you need the change but always work with your personality and your lifestyle. Understand your skin tone and your hair’s natural structure always before trying out new colours. Always make sure you are ready to commit to the after care or post care of your hair using the right shampoos and treatments.

Here are a few of my favorite CELEBRITY color inspirations you can opt to get done this season.-

Recommended :

  • Espresso: Darker shades always reflects more shine on the hair and makes you look sharper. Recommended if you have been sporting lighter hair for a while and looking for a complete change. Darker hair enhances strong facial features.


  • Sombre/soft ombre: This is a softer version of ombre. Could use this color all year long. Gives a doll like appearance.



  • Soft ginger : Recommended for the red heads and a full head colour. Make sure you get a professional to do this to avoid the brass tint.



  • Mars(h)ala : This is one of the hits of 2017, mostly the mixture of pink and reds giving a dark pink or a candy like appearance to the hair.




  • Cinnamon : One of the most famous look for the season. This is for the darker heads of hair where you add a balayage with cinnamon, chocolate brown shades. It is a perfect pitch for one length straight bob.


  • Platinum Ice : This is a good change for those who have been sporting all versions of blondes for a while to go Icy. Make sure you have a professional work on you for this.

  • Rose GoldIt’s been a colour going around for a while now. And it never fails to impress. Rose gold on darker hair is something I love. But you can always opt for a full head as well to give a pastel appearance. 


  • Brunnette Blonde : The colour that works all year long for any kind of hair. 



  • Blorange : Sounds like combination of blood orange right. Well this is mixture of a blonde with pale orange shades giving more of a peachy appearance. One of the hits of the year as well.



Note : Make sure you have a professional colourist work on your hair whenever you decide on a color change. Color inspirations are variant and in here I have just put down a few which I found as my favorites.

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