Did you know there was a massive difference between hair texture and hair type.

Many times people mistake their hair texture for hair type. And many times people hate their texture and confuse it for hair type as they don’t understand what their hair is. And so you start using the wrong product and end up hating anything good getting through your hair thanks to the mix up.

It is important to understand your hair texture and your hair type. Every person has a stylist in them is what I believe. It’s just a matter of loving your hair and learning to find best solutions by understanding the very basic of your hair.

How do I determine texture VS type:

It’s simple,

The volume of one hair strand when measured or felt is what determines your hair texture. i.e., when you hold a strand of your hair, it either feels fat or limp right? That’s how you determine your texture. And not by the dryness/oiliness/hairfall/ breakage.(That is whole different topic which you fill find in my link …… )

And the whole world is divided to two types of hair textures :

  • Coarse hair/thick hair
  • Fine hair/ thin hair

The hair type is what your hair chooses to be or to appear like, i.e,

  • wavy,
  • curly,
  • straight.

So basically you hair is a mix of type with texture :

  • Fine curly hair                    Fine curly hair


  • Thick Straight hair            Thick straight hair


  • Thick Wavy Hair                 Thick wavy hair


  • Thick Curly Hair               Thick curly hair


  • Fine Wavy Hair                      Fine wavy hair


  • Fine Straight Hair                Fine straight hair

It’s this simple ! Understand your HAIR /TEXTURE / TYPE while choosing the hair products. And have less hassles hereon !

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