BEAT the heat & LOVE YOUR HAIR !

This year has been the been the most humid summers I’ve ever dealt with in so many years of living in Dubai. So while I’m working on another blog and dealing with this humid weather, my hair and my little man, something actually clicks my head and I just had to blog about it. The few mistakes we do in summers or especially in Dubai heat and the reason WHY WE END UP WITH SCANTY HAIR AND HAIR LOSS.

I am an outdoor person and my hair is exposed a lot in the sun due to which my scalp tends to sweat and the hair frizzes out a lot. I realise blow drying is of no use unless you don’t use a very strong styling product that helps you fight the heat. But I don’t also have the patience to use products every day to style my hair ( Yes by now we all know about beach sprays and texturing sprays). And at the same time I was a losing a lot of hair and I tried to change my hair regime a little bit to see if I could fix the issue. I would say I have succeeded to about 40% with it. Here is what you can do to avoid bad hair or losing hair in this weather (this is my perspective and I am quite content with it) :

  1. Use a CLEANSING or DETOX shampoo( e.g. KEVIN MURPHY’S MAXI WASH or ALTERNA’S BAMBOO STYLE DEEP CLEANSING SHAMPOO) and not a treatment shampoo in the summers if your head is sweaty. As treatment shampoo works only for the scalp if you have a CLEAN SCALP and in summers if you are expecting a clean scalp all day long then you shouldn’t read the rest of the article.
  2. Avoid using a CONDITIONER MASK immediately after shampoo and try to stick to a SPRAY ON/LEAVE IN STYLING CONDITIONER (e.g.  after towel drying the hair. The reason being after shampoo your cuticles tends to open and we have to close it using a conditioner but in summers your hair produces enough oil and sweat such that the hair gets loaded with more than what it requires. Keep it simple, use a water based leave in conditioner that also acts like a styling product (e.g. REVLON PROFESSIONAL’S UNIQ ONE (My new favorite. Find more on it in my upcoming blog) or KEVIN MURPHY’S SMOOTH.AGAIN or YUNSSEY’S HAIR OIL ).
  3. Avoid doing a WET PONY TAIL. As in, let your hair dry and then you shall pony tail you hair, else you tend to lose a lot of hair as your hair follicle is always soft (since its wet)and not as tight as it should be due to the humidity/precipitation. And hence you tend to lose more than you should.
  4. Use minimal styling products that is oil based and always use a FINISHING SPRAY (REDKEN QUICK DRY 18 or 23 OR KEVIN MURPHY’S SESSION SPRAY, ALTERNA’S TEN SPRAY ) before heading out so that the cuticles are closed plus it doesn’t absorb a lot of dirt, that way you protect the cuticle and the follicle.
  5. Avoid using too much hair oil. Oil tends to cool your scalp but heats up the oil glands. The over heating leads to hair fall,acne and STINKY HAIR. If you can’t live without oiling, then use essential oils or serums that have light weight oil globules and use it strictly on the LENGTH of the hair and not the scalp.
  6. Don’t wash your hair with warm or hot water. Make sure to USE COOL WATER or ROOM TEMP WATER. Keeping the scalp cool helps to reduce the hair fall and keeps your scalp and follicles strong and tight.
  7. Stick to one brand that suits your hair and not too many such that you kill the effect of one over the other. (e.g. a sulphate free shampoo and a silicone based conditioner can null the effect of one another).
  8. Brush your hair USING A PADDLE BRUSH before bed and after bed to avoid knots and which also gives enough space for the hair and scalp to breathe.

NOTE : The above picture is my hair before and after humidity.

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