About Me

Hi there,

So this is a little space about me and I would like be as honest as I could.

My name is Seena but my friends and family address me as Mrs.JJ thanks to the husband’s initials. I was born and raised in the middle east, worked as a hairdresser/hair consultant for some few good years, travelled around a bit,worked with some talented creative artists and made a few good friends in the Hair Industry as well. I’m a proud mother to Edward(my 2 year old) and between the juggle of parenting and work, I try to find the little happiness of sharing whatever knowledge I’ve earned and observed about hair care to the world through the blog.

As a hairdresser/hair consultant, my vision is to create awareness of haircare especially within UAE for now. I realise there are lot of people who can’t identify the difference between a professional hair product and a supermarket hair product ,the same way what is good and bad for their hair. I also realise there are many people I’ve met and seen over the years who shy away in walking into a salon for a consultation or opening up about their hair issues to their hairdresser and enquire what they feel about their hair. I aspire to create an awareness to people and share the knowledge I have and talk about things related to Hair Care and let them know what’s good and bad for their hair. I don’t consider myself an expert in hair but I do believe I have a gift of understanding the issues of your hair depending on people’s personality  and so, love being of any help to someone who is unaware of how to manage their hair problems.

Dubai has been kind to me by letting me meet and explore some amazingly talented hairdressers/salon owners living in the city, interview them , write a little story on them and sometimes shoot some videos too while they are at their creative best and try to showcase their talent.

You could use my blog to find out more about hair care, hairdresser, salons and more in the UAE from a common woman’s perspective. Hope you enjoy this space as much as I do making them. Oh AND I also do men’s blog as well. This is entirely a fun space so keep it cool my readers.

Love to All !